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  • oddmatter close up of surround stoolsoddmatter close up of surround stools
  • black_grey_fabric_stool.jpgblack_grey_fabric_stool.jpg
  • coral-fabric-stoolcoral-fabric-stool
  • fabric_stools_group.jpgfabric_stools_group.jpg
  • fabric_stools_group2.jpgfabric_stools_group2.jpg
  • wood_stool2_rotate.jpgwood_stool2_rotate.jpg
  • wooden-stool2wooden-stool2
  • wooden-stool-rotatewooden-stool-rotate
  • wooden-stoolwooden-stool
  • Purple StoolPurple Stool
  • Purple StoolPurple Stool
  • Purple StoolPurple Stool

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Dutch native Els Woldhek and Bulgarian Georgi Manassiev approach their design through exploring materials and situations, The balance of qualities and negotiation between the control of the designers and the 'will' of the materials leads them to creating unexpected, yet functional and unique pieces with their own character.

Please contact us for information about having a site specific piece made for you by OddMatter.
Odd Matter