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Hazel Collins Design was founded in 2005, having completed a refurbishment of my own Grade 2 property I was approached by a client who wanted me to do the same for her.  Since then I have completed many projects, ranging from townhouses, pied-a-terres, family homes, bachelor pads, purpose built homes and conversions.

Different levels of projects are undertaken: Working from scratch on a ‘shell’ where we are recreating the space and working with a team of architects to re-design an existing home or part of the home without any structural changes or perhaps changes that only require reports from structural engineers.  All specialist consultants are available through my office and we are delighted to work with your team. 
We undertake large and small contracts with the same commitment and integrity.

I love mixing contemporary design with vintage pieces using a muted palette, with splashes of colour, luxurious fabrics and tactile textiles.  My homes are modern, sharp and clean but they are not showcases, they are warm; homes that feel loved and lived in.  I like to involve my clients and work together with them.  Presenting designs that they will enjoy living with, that will inspire them and bring them joy.

I work with a number of artists and designers (see Collections page); buying pieces from their portfolio as well as introducing them to clients so that we can make bespoke pieces.

I also love to shop! Specifically for each project and often when I see something that I love and can’t resist. (see Vintage page).